10 best software to record video from your computer screen: free and advanced

There is nothing easier than recording video from your computer screen on Windows. You just need to download the program and click on Rec.

10 best software to record video from your computer screen

From time to time in the life of any user there is a need to record video from the screen of his PC or laptop on Windows. And although the task seems to be extremely simple and straightforward, it is problematic to complete it without the necessary software. And so that you do not have to flip through the Internet in search of the optimal application, I have collected the top best programs for this purpose – some are quite well-known and extremely simple, others allow you not only to record video but also to edit it. Everyone will choose something for their goals, tasks, and capabilities of a Windows computer.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Although OBS is arguably the most popular software for streamers, it is also great for recording video from your computer screen. The user has access to a rich set of settings (quality, resolution, sound sources) and the ability to capture a separate window, the entire screen, a specific game, or, for example, a specific area on the screen. Also on the net, you can find a sea of ​​different plug-ins that allow you to capture mouse movements and keystrokes – all of them are free, as, indeed, OBS itself. It is an open-source application that is available to anyone and everyone without watermarks or any restrictions.

  • RAM consumption: 198 MB.


  • Flexible setting of recording quality
  • Selection of sound sources
  • The ability to capture a separate window or area
  • You can stream
  • Completely free application


  • Settings can raise a lot of questions for beginners

Download OBS


The program has been popular for many years – it is quite easy to set up, has an impressive set of functions and the free version has only two drawbacks (watermark and up to 10 minutes of recording). It is possible to select the sound source, you can select the area for recording, or even start recording video from the screen on a timer. This is convenient, for example, if you want to watch a football match, but you cannot sit at the computer. Additionally, there is a function for creating screenshots, a fairly impressive set of settings for the quality of video recording, and more.

  • RAM consumption: 255 MB


  • Convenient and intuitive interface
  • Capture cursor movement
  • Drawing function
  • Flexible settings for the quality of screenshots and videos
  • Capturing an area, screen, or window
  • Sound source setting
  • Timer recording
  • Capture images from various sources


  • In the free version, a watermark is added to the video, the length is limited to 10 minutes (the paid version costs 2900 rubles)

Download Bandicam


The latest version of the Fraps application was released in February 2013, but to this day this software is in incredible demand due to its low resource consumption and convenience. You can take screenshots with a separate button (you can choose the format of the final file), run a benchmark to display the frame rate in the corner of the screen you need, and, of course, record a video. An excellent solution for weak computers on which gamers, for example, want to record gameplay from video games for further editing. And there is also a function to start recording immediately after turning on the PC – it is convenient in certain scenarios.

  • RAM consumption: 22 MB


  • No unnecessary settings and buttons
  • Built-in FPS benchmark
  • You can take screenshots and record videos in full-screen format


  • The paid version with unlimited video recording (longer than 30 seconds and without a watermark) costs 2,200 rubles
  • The last update came out in 2013

Download Fraps


Most users use the ShareX app for screenshots – this is one of the most convenient tools in this area. And, nicely enough, there is also a screen capture function for recording video. True, everything is extremely simple and without flexible settings, plug-ins, or selecting sound sources – the user can start capturing, select an area or window, after which recording to the PC memory automatically starts. An extremely simple and handy tool in case you need to shoot a certain action or, for example, an excerpt from a video, and the application itself is absolutely free.

  • RAM consumption: 61 MB


  • Multifunctional and very useful application
  • Recording video of the entire screen or area in two clicks
  • Capture cursor movement
  • Soft free
  • Minimal consumption of PC resources


  • No video recording settings

Download ShareX

Game bar (built-in utility in Win10)

For users who want to record screens but don’t want to download third-party software, the good news is that Windows 10 (and Windows 11) has a built-in Game bar utility. Yes, it was created for gamers, but you can capture any content. Just press Win + G on your keyboard, select the “Record” tab and click on the start button – the video will be saved to the appropriate folder. Unfortunately, there are no quality settings, sound sources or even the function of capturing the entire screen – you can only record a certain window. But, on the other hand, the utility is already preinstalled in the system and is ideal for simple tasks.

  • RAM consumption: 32 MB


  • Low consumption of PC resources;
  • The utility is preinstalled in the system;
  • Launch in two clicks;
  • You can mute the sound from the microphone.


  • Recording only a specific window
  • There are no capture settings

Free Cam

The video recording functions themselves in Free Cam are quite simple and straightforward – you select the area on the screen that will be recorded and press the red button. But after the end of the recording, all the fun begins – the user gets to the menu, from where you can immediately upload the video to YouTube, save it to the device’s memory, or go to the video editor. Here you can quickly trim the recording, remove noise, adjust the volume of the audio track. A very convenient and at the same time simple tool for those who do not really want to mess with professional editors and renderers, but it does not always work out to record everything perfectly from one take.

  • RAM consumption: 96 MB


  • The convenient setting of the capture frame (you can enter the resolution manually)
  • You can publish a video to YouTube directly from the application
  • Capture cursor movement and clicks with sound
  • Built-in video editor with audio processing


  • There is no way to capture a window or an application

Download Free Cam

Screen Camera

In addition to the fairly standard ability to choose to capture the entire screen or a separate area, the application also allows you to set a timer by which video recording will start. Can be used to record soccer matches or conferences that you can’t keep up with. There is also a built-in video editor – you can add music, a screensaver, cut a video, separately add a voice recording from a microphone. After editing, the video can be saved to the system memory, uploaded to YouTube, or an image can be made onto a DVD (if someone else is using it). On the downside, there will be no editing or export to YouTube in the free version.

  • RAM consumption: 127 MB


  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Timer to start video capture
  • Built-in editor with rich functionality
  • The ability to burn video to DVD or upload to YouTube
  • Export to over 30 video formats


  • Built-in editor, export to many formats, and upload to YouTube are available only in the paid version – it costs 665 rubles

Download Screen Camera

iTop Screen Recorder

The program pleased us with a clear interface, where all important functions are brought to the main screen – you can turn off the demonstration of the mouse, record only sound, select the video capture format (area, window, 4: 3 or 16: 9), enable recording from the webcam. Additionally, you can quickly go to a streaming platform or a game downloaded on your PC to immediately start recording video (you can only record sound, select a source, turn off microphone recording). Additionally, in the Pro version, which costs 2,400 rubles, you can get the opportunity to create your own watermark and overlay it on the video without additional editing.

  • RAM consumption: 108 MB


  • Quick start of recording on streaming sites;
  • Convenient work with the capture format;
  • You can only record audio without the video.


  • HD quality and video without a watermark can be obtained only with the purchase of the Pro version (it costs 2400 rubles)

Download iTop Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Capture

The most important advantage of Movavi Screen Capture is a full-fledged deferred capture scheduler – in some programs, you can set a timer, but only one, but here the developers have gone further. You can create a full-fledged schedule so that on a certain day and time the application starts recording video from the screen. There is also the most advanced built-in editor among competitors – it is almost as good as full-fledged applications in terms of basic functions and can easily replace professional software in most simple tasks. Capturing video, of course, can also be customized to suit your requirements.

  • RAM consumption: 102 MB


  • Video capture scheduler
  • Advanced built-in editor
  • The ability to record video from a webcam
  • Flexible video capture settings


  • The free version has a limitation on the length of the video and a watermark, the paid version costs 1,500 rubles

Download Movavi Screen Capture

Icecream Screen Recorder

The developers of Icecream Screen Recorder allow you to conveniently capture gameplay in games – you can select the codec, video recording quality, and frame rate (you can also display it on the screen itself). In addition to the standard capture options, you can only record a specific area around the cursor – the area itself can be customized for greater convenience. And if the user needs not video, but only sound, then there is an opportunity to record it in three bitrate quality options. Among the shortcomings of the software, an impressive list of restrictions in the free version can be distinguished – a video no longer than 5 minutes, a watermark, restrictions on the video export format.


  • It is convenient to record gameplay in games
  • You can only record sound without a picture
  • The ability to capture only the area around the cursor


  • Capture in modern video formats, no watermark, and endless recording is available only in the paid version, which costs 1200 rubles

Download Icecream Screen Recorder

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