5 Reasons NOT to use a VPN: Here is why?

VPN has long and thoroughly gained deserved popularity among active Internet users. Everyone who needs to visit closed sites from time to time, buy something cheaper, pretending to be a user from another country, and in some cases increase the connection speed, use this blessing of civilization. But like everything else in the world, a VPN, in addition to its pluses, also has its minuses. For many, they are insignificant, but they are there, and one cannot but say about them. Let’s define it right away. I am not discouraging you from using a VPN, but once again listing the benefits is pointless. Better to talk about the disadvantages.

5 Reasons NOT to use a VPN:

It doesn’t matter if you are using a VPN for Good purposes or bad. But, here are the top 5 reasons you should not use any VPN Free or premium. Have a look below and find out why!

Useless advertising

Without going into details, the ads you see on the Internet are based on the pages you visit. If you don’t leave traces with a VPN, ads will be cluttered, which isn’t always a good thing. Even if you never follow it, it is better to see what is in your circle of interests out of the corner of your eye than completely incomprehensible goods.

Is VPN really anonymous

Considering that someone has configured and maintains the VPN, it’s naive to believe that they don’t have any information about you. First, he knows everything about you, and all your traffic goes through him, and therefore he knows too much about you. Sure, it’s tempting to believe someone who says they will protect you from surveillance and make your browsing truly private, but in essence, it’s just a relatively easy way to make money.

Serious services usually do not do this, but if you trust a cheap or completely free VPN, think about what information you are running through it and how it makes money. No one will work for free, no matter how beautifully he talks about what stands for your anonymity.

Also, if you think your actions are not being recorded, you are wrong. The login is written constantly, and if necessary, it will be transmitted upon request to the one who, according to the law, has the right to demand it. The most striking example is when the HideMyAss service helped in 2011 to reveal members of the hacker group lulzsec.

Expensive and cheap VPN

We have already figured out that a cheap, and even more so a free VPN with a high degree of probability does not behave as promises, but this implies another disadvantage of such services – the high price.

There are those that work in unlimited mode, but the monthly fee for them will be quite high. And it hardly makes sense to constantly pay for it. Paying for traffic can also be expensive. Therefore, if you have chosen the paid option, then you should carefully approach this and weigh the pros and cons.

The price is based on the fact that the service is not limited to the application or the power button. Behind this is the software, the work of the support staff, and, of course, the servers located or rented around the world. All this, including traffic, costs a lot of money, which means it simply cannot be free. If you are told that you can use it for free, think about where this generosity comes from and how else you can earn money without taking money. Maybe by selling your data to the side?

Does your battery drain faster with a VPN

This is not the first time that VPNs have been used to drain your phone’s battery. The most unpleasant thing is that it’s true. If you have a VPN on all the time, the gadget will actually go down faster than without it. There are even statistics in which the decrease in autonomy, depending on the operating system and its version, can reach up to 25%.

This usually happens with poorly optimized VPNs that are always on and work even in the background. If you turn it off periodically, then the consumption will be lower, but is it convenient to use it. We constantly turn to the network every time to turn VPN on / off just wrong.

Low connection speed

I deliberately put this point at the end. Now services have learned to work in such a way that the speed of response and signal transmission does not decrease so much. But this effect still exists. Therefore, if you play online games from your smartphone, this can be quite a problem. In real life, a ping of 100 milliseconds is not so terrible, but during a hot game battle it can play a decisive role, and it is just unpleasant when the game lags behind you.

In any case, it’s up to you to use a VPN or not. This is an undoubted benefit, do not idealize it and think that it has no drawbacks. They are.

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