5G mobiles with Android will be 65% cheaper than those of iOS in 2025

Mobile phones with 5G technology that use the Android operating system ( Google ) will cost 65% cheaper than those of iOS ( Apple ) in 2025, according to a report by the consultancy Juniper Research.

The firm has published a report this week in which it predicts how the ‘5G smartphone market will evolve, predicting growth of 210% over the next four years to $ 337 million (286 million euros).

The consultancy considers that “successful vendors” should bet on cloud computing and develop devices with ultra-low latency and capable of processing large bandwidths at competitive prices. Also, Read – OnePlus 9RT Price, Specs, Features, & Release Date

The report, of which an excerpt has been released, assures that the increase in devices with affordable prices will be “crucial” for 5G to be adopted at a higher level.

A previous report by the firm predicted that there will be 3.2 billion 5G connections in 2026, of which 60% would be in the Asia Pacific region. Also, Read – Realme 8i design leaked, 50MP Camera,120Hz refresh rate

Evolution of Android and iOS

In the study, Juniper notes that iOS devices will remain strong, adding a 40% revenue share in North America and Europe in the mobile phone market by 2025.

In addition, the report also notes that in the long term 5G phone shipments will be limited by the extension of the right to repair in these markets, which will drive the reconditioning of devices before the purchases of new ones.

For its part, it also highlights that Android phones will dominate in regions such as Latin America due to their lower average cost.

Adam Wears, the author of the research, has pointed out that the effect of these laws will not be felt “initially”, since consumers will want to adopt 5G to achieve higher speeds and lower latency.

Therefore, it recommends that manufacturers create new phones with better capabilities to encourage customers to continue improving their devices. Also, Read – A burning Samsung Galaxy causes the evacuation of a flight in the United States

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