6 best apps that will completely change the experience with your Android mobile

We have selected the 6 applications that will completely change the way you use Android. Undoubtedly, one of the differential characteristics of Android compared to iOS is its great customization capacity, which offers us the possibility of modifying the experience with our terminals and making it totally unique.

In this sense, in the Google Play Store, we can find very good apps to change the way we use and interact with our devices every day.

6 best applications to get the most out of Android

For this reason, we bring you the 6 applications that will completely change the experience with our Android mobile. Some improve our user interface, others allow us to automate certain tasks, and still, others improve some features of our mobile operating system.

Nova Launcher

The best way to customize our Android mobile phone is by installing a third-party launcher and, in this section, the best launcher for Android today is still Nova Launcher, which has just released its seventh version for everyone.

Nova Launcher is a fast, stable launcher and, above all, infinitely customizable, since it allows us, for example, to install a specific icon pack, modify the design of our desktop or resize the size of any widget.

But one of the most outstanding features of Nova Launcher is its gesture controls, which allow us to assign very practical functions to these gestures, such as accessing the mobile phone settings or opening a specific application.

If we want to unlock all the functionalities of this magnificent launcher we will have to acquire the Prime version that has a cost of 3.99 euros, although we can always pay it with the money we have accumulated in Google Rewards.


Sesame is a universal search and shortcut creator that we can integrate with Nova Launcher and that allows us to search within almost all of our applications.

Thus, this application will allow us to access a WhatsApp conversation or a Spotify playlist from the home screen of our Android mobile.

Sesame also gives us the possibility to create shortcuts to specific functions of a specific application, such as loading our daily route to work or reviewing the results of sports competitions with a single touch.

Full Screen Gestures

If Android or Nova Launcher gestures fall short, an application that allows us to configure all kinds of gestures anywhere on the screen is Full Screen Gestures.

This app allows us to configure gestures on the left, right, and lower edges of the screen, and, in addition, it allows us to assign two functions to each edge: one for a short slide and another for a long slide.

Full Screen Gestures allows us to configure gestures through which we can, for example, control the volume, activate the flashlight, or start the Google Assistant.


One of the essential applications to improve productivity with our Android mobile is Notepin, an app that allows us to create notes and then pin them on our notifications panel as reminders.

Notepin is a simple application, but it allows us to organize our notes by priority, by the date on which we have added them, or even by color, which allows us to locate the notes in a much easier way.

We must bear in mind that, once we pin a note, it will be visible in our notification panel until we unpin it.


Macrodroid is one of the best applications that we can find in the Play Store to automate tasks, in addition to the popular Tasker, but unlike this, it has a much lighter learning curve that allows us to install it and start using it almost instantly.

Macrodroid only asks us to configure two parameters: an action and a trigger that will execute said action. Thus, for example, connecting the headphones to our mobile phone could be the trigger and the actions could be to adjust the volume level automatically and open the Spotify application.

This app also allows us to add optional restrictions to adjust the conditions in which our macro can be executed, thus allowing our macros to be as complex as we want.


IFTTT is the best application that we can find in the Play Store to automate tasks related to web services such as Gmail, Telegram, Twitter, Google Drive, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, Google Calendar, Evernote, Reddit, or Slack.

This app allows us to create applets that connect two services or devices connected to the internet, which we can control from our smartphones.

The possibilities of creating applets that IFTTT offers us are almost infinite since we can use this application to control our smart devices, to tweet certain messages automatically, to receive SMS alerts of our Google Calendar appointments, to receive notifications of the download price of a product that we have in monitoring or, even, to create an automatic backup of our photos, files, and contacts in Google Drive.

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