A burning Samsung Galaxy causes the evacuation of a flight in the United States

A Samsung Galaxy A21 has caught fire on a flight in the United States, causing the evacuation of an entire plane. Back in 2016, the world of technology was surprised by the scandals related to the Samsung Galaxy Note7 that many will continue to remember. Due to a battery problem, some devices caught fire and even caused a small explosion, which made Samsung surrender with this device in its day and summon the owners of one of these phones to return their device and receive back the amount thereof. Also, Read – How to remove the flashlight from the iPhone lock screen

However, it seems that a few years later the history of these devices is back in the news. And it seems that a fire has recently occurred in a Samsung phone that has caused the evacuation of an entire Alaska Airlines flight, only in this case it was a Samsung Galaxy A21 instead of a device high-end.

They evacuate an entire flight due to the explosion of a Samsung phone

As we mentioned, according to the information published by the AppleInsider portal, it seems that, during an Alaska Airlines flight, passengers began to notice a burning smell, coming from the Samsung Galaxy A21 of some of them.

Taking into account the seriousness of the matter, the pilots of the plane decided to land earlier than planned at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, in the city of New Orleans, where the passengers were evacuated and the seriousness of the events was verified. The phone in question was completely charred, as Perry Cooper, spokesman for the Seattle airport, has commented:


Using the fire extinguishers and tools present in the plane’s cabin, the staff and passengers managed to extinguish the fire that had caused the Samsung Galaxy A21 fire, but despite this, the plane was evacuated following the airline’s security protocols. Also, Read – Redmi Note 10 price hiked for the fifth time, know the new rate

In this way, as the passengers of the plane have shared on social networks, a total of 128 people present in it were evacuated in Seattle, to which we must add another 6 people from the cabin and flight crew. Without a doubt, they will have Samsung on their minds for a while. Also, Read – Realme 8i design leaked, 50MP Camera,120Hz refresh rate

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