Android launches a new weather widget with Material You design

Google has updated the Android weather widget with a totally revamped design. So you can have it on your mobile. Taking advantage of the arrival of Android 12 and the changes that this version introduces in the widgets of the home screen, Google has been reviewing its applications for a few months to include completely redesigned widgets, inspired by the Material You design lines.

The company has already renewed the widgets of Google Maps, those of Google Chrome, and those of its clock app. And this time, it is the turn of the weather widget of the Google app, which is finally beginning to reach devices updated to Android 12.

How the New Google weather widget will look like on Android 12?

As they count on 9to5Google, the new widgets are available in the latest beta version of the Google app distributed in the last hours through the Play Store.

Once the latest version is installed, just add a new widget and access the section corresponding to the Google application. There will be the two new weather widgets, both 3 x 3 in size.

The square widget displays the name of the city, along with the temperature and an icon representing the current weather status. For its part, the widget in diagonal format only shows the temperature and an icon.

For now, the widgets are only available on devices upgraded to Android 12. In Pixels, in addition, the widgets change their color based on the wallpaper thanks to the dynamic themes of Material You.

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