Apple releases iOS 15.1 beta 1 with SharePlay support

Yesterday, September 21, Apple released iOS 15.1 beta 1 to developers. The update came out just a day after the release of the final version of iOS 15, which Cupertino began to distribute on the 20th. I don’t know about you, but for me, it gave rise to a complete feeling of déjà vu. After all, a year earlier Apple did the same thing: it postponed the implementation of some of the functions announced at WWDC 2020, starting their distribution as part of iOS 14.1, whose testing began the day after the release of the main update.

iOS 15.1 beta 1

Apparently, Apple released the beta of iOS 15.1 a day after the release of iOS 15 precisely for the purpose of adding deferred features. But, if you remember, there wasn’t that few of them, given that iOS 15 itself turned out to be rather scarce in innovations.

Features not found in iOS 15

  • Application data collection report: This feature will track how many times, when, and why apps have accessed sensitive iPhone features like location services, camera, or microphone.
  • iCloud custom domains: This is a special feature that users who have their own email domains like need. It will allow you to receive and send messages through iCloud.
  • Universal Control: This is a feature for iPadOS and macOS, which creates a single workspace on their basis, allowing users to use the tablet as a second monitor for the computer and quickly drag objects and the mouse cursor between them.
  • 3D mode in Apple Maps: In addition to the globe and increased detail, requiring the A12 processor, Apple maps will also have a regular three-dimensional mode for viewing infrastructure, which will be released a little later.
  • SharePlay: It’s a feature that’s built into FaceTime and is designed to allow users to view shared content even when they’re far from each other. You can watch movies, TV shows, videos on Apple TV +, and even workouts in Fitness +.

What’s new in iOS 15.1?

True, all the deferred innovations in iOS 15.1 will not be released in Cupertino. In any case, nothing indicates this. But what will appear in the upcoming update is the SharePlay function. Apple gave it a lot of attention at WWDC 2021, promising users that they can share content with their FaceTime chat partners, whether it’s workouts in Fitness+ or movies on Apple TV+.

Since SharePlay is a universal function that, logically, should work with all iOS applications, its final appearance in the operating system depends on the developers. Most likely, they simply did not have time to adapt their software for this tool, and Apple was forced to postpone it until the creators of the software did not cope with their task.

How to install iOS 15.1 beta 1?

The owners of all iPhone models that are compatible with iOS 15 will be able to install iOS 15.1 beta 1. However, for this they will need a valid beta developer profile because the update is currently only distributed among developers:

  1. Follow this link and download the iOS 15 profile
  2. Open “Settings” and go to “Profile loaded
  3. Install the beta profile and reboot the device;
  4. Go to Software Update and download iOS 15.1 beta 1.

It is very important to save an iCloud backup before installing the iOS 15.1 beta. This will allow you to restore all data if something goes wrong during the deletion process, and also later when you decide to upgrade from a test version of the OS to a release one. Only in this way can you not lose all the accumulated progress. Therefore, make sure that the copy is as fresh as possible and contains the entire array of information.

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