Apple Watch Series 7: New Design, Release Date, and Features

This September we will see a new Apple Watch, the Series 7. With a new design for the first time since its launch, this smartwatch will continue to be a bestseller, and we tell you everything we know about it so far.

Apple Watch Series 7 New design

It will be the first time since the original Apple Watch was released that the Apple smartwatch has undergone a major design change. So far only a few small tweaks, such as the side button that now does not protrude, holes for the different speakers … small changes that have barely been perceptible to the user. But now, this new Apple Watch will release a design, more similar to the current iPhone and iPad, with flat edges.

This design change will be accompanied by a slightly larger screen. There will no longer be curved glass for the screen, as happened when going from iPhone 11 to 12. The front glass will be completely flat, and the screen will have a slight increase in size, going from 40 and 44 millimeters to 41 and 45 millimeters, as confirmed by the leaks of the new Apple Watch straps. This will also facilitate that there are new exclusive spheres for this model.

Apple Watch Series 7 New sensors

It seems unlikely that this year we will have news regarding new features for Health. If last year the Series 6 added the blood oxygen sensor to be able to give us information about the O2 Saturation, this year it seems that the Apple Watch Series 7 will focus on the design change. There have been some rumors about the possibility that the Apple Watch can measure blood glucose, but it seems unlikely that will happen in this generation, rather it will take a year or two more.

It also seems unlikely that another rumor that has been talked about will arrive this year as a novelty on the Apple Watch: the measurement of body temperature. We will also have to wait at least one more year to see it on the smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 7 Different finishes

Apple has varied Apple Watch models over the years. Aluminum and steel have never been lacking, so we hope that this year these classic materials in watchmaking will continue. With the Series 6, he opted for titanium as the third material for the Apple Watch, and everything seems to indicate that this year it will be repeated with it. The ceramic used years ago, would again be out of the Apple catalog, although this remains to be seen.

As for the colors, surely there will be changes, but at the moment we do not know anything about this matter. Last year Apple surprised us with blue and red in aluminum models, perhaps this year one of the two colors will change. There have also been changes throughout the different generations with the color gold, sometimes more yellow and sometimes pinker. Quite a mystery for this year.

Apple Watch Series 7 Processor

In this sense, there is little doubt that the new Apple Watch will bring a more powerful processor. The Apple Watch Series 6 has been the first in which an optimal performance has really been achieved to run applications, and with the series 7, we hope that the performance will improve more, especially in terms of energy efficiency, to achieve greater autonomy, the weakest point of the Apple Watch without a doubt.

Apple Watch Series 7 Release date

We are still awaiting official confirmation, but the Apple Watch presentation event is expected to coincide with that of the iPhone 13, on September 14. Reservations would begin on September 17, and direct sales on the following Friday, September 24.

Apple Watch Series 7 Prices

No price changes are expected for the Apple Watch Series 7 compared to the same models from previous years. The prices of each model would be like this:

  • Apple Watch Aluminum 41mm: € 429
  • Apple Watch Aluminum 41mm + LTE: € 529
  • Apple Watch Aluminum 45mm: € 459
  • Apple Watch Aluminum 45mm + LTE: € 559
  • Steel Apple Watch 41mm + LTE: € 729
  • 45mm Steel Apple Watch + LTE: € 779
  • Apple Watch Titanium 41mm + LTE: € 829
  • Apple Watch Titanium 45mm + LTE: € 879

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