Dacia Jogger: This is the name of the 7-seater family SUV of the Romanian house

Little by little Dacia is updating its portfolio of models. First was the Duster, with a second installment that has penetrated the market very deeply. Then came the new Logan and Sandero, with the successful Stepway version that takes such a high percentage of sales. Now, to complete the squaring of the circle comes the Dacia Jogger, the model that is destined to revolutionize the segment of compact SUVs with, beware, seven seats.

Yes, you read it right. The Dacia Jogger is the vehicle that until recently the Romanian firm announced as a replacement for the MCV. The minivans are no longer sold (rather nobody wants them) and their place has been taken by SUVs. So they haven’t thought about it and decided to give the Duster an older “little brother .” However, we already knew it because it derives from Bicester, the all-way with which they presented their new design philosophy in society.

The Dacia Jogger will debut, in an online event, on September 3

To announce that their new 7-seater SUV will be called Jogger, Dacia officials have published a teaser and a video. In both graphic documents, you can see little, but in the clip, some detail has escaped them. We refer to the design of the rear three-quarter where we see the format of the door and the side and custody window. Also, the interesting roof rack, which is like the Sandero Stepway is mobile.

Ultimately, the design of the rear optics and part of the tailgate appears. In the first case, it is reminiscent of those worn by Volvo’s relatives. For its part, the access door to the trunk is simple and has horizontal lines. And so far we can read, although we can not ignore the attractive orange tone that you saw on its body. As a curious detail, indicate that the third window (third row of seats) will have a compass-shaped opening.

Finally, we must talk about the meaning that Dacia gives to the name Jogger. According to the official press release …

The jogger is a simple, modern name that anyone can pronounce and is universally intelligible. It represents dynamism, positive energy and the outdoors spirit.  The suffix ‘er’ as Duster, Dacia’s iconic SUV model, evokes the robustness and resistance of an ideal companion for the daily life of Dacia families

If all goes according to plan, the world debut of the Dacia Jogger will take place on September 3. It will be in an online event, although a few days later it will make an appearance (physical) at the IAA Mobility in Munich. At that time, if it is not filtered before, we will know its interior and many other details. In any case, we do not think you gave much of what we have already seen in the new Logan and Sandero.

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