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Dan Bongino Net Worth in 2023: Everything You Need To Know From Forbes

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Dan Bongino net worth has certainly made a name for himself in the past few years, with his political activism and media career. But just how much is he worth? In this article, we take a look at Dan Bongino net worth according to Forbes in 2023, as well as his full biography. Read on to find out more about this dynamic public figure!


Dan Bongino net worth is an American conservative commentator, radio show host, and author. He was a Secret Service agent from 1999 to 2006, and he has written three New York Times best-selling books. Forbes magazine estimates that Bongino’s net worth is $6 million as of May 2020.

Bongino was born in Queens, New York City, on December 4, 1974. He is of Italian and Irish descent. His father was a New York City police officer and his mother was a schoolteacher. Bongino graduated from the University of Maryland in 1997 with a bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal justice.

Bongino joined the United States Secret Service in 1999 and served as an agent on the Presidential Protective Division during the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. In 2002, Bongino was assigned to protect then-President Bush during his visits to Crawford, Texas. Bongino left the Secret Service in 2006 to pursue a career in law enforcement consulting.

Bongino has been critical of the Obama administration, writing two books about his time in the Secret Service: “Life Inside the Bubble” and “Stop The Bleeding”. He has also been critical of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was Secretary of State. In 2016, Bongino ran for Congress in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District but lost to incumbent Democrat John Delaney.

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What is Dan BonginoNet Worth?

According to Forbes, Dan Bongino net worth is an estimated $5 million as of 2019. This includes his earnings from his various books, podcasts, and speaking engagements. It also takes into account his time working as a Secret Service agent and NYPD officer.

Bongino first gained notoriety in 2012 when he released the book “Life Inside the Bubble.” The book offered a candid look at what it’s like to work as a Secret Service agent, including stories of guarding presidents and other VIPs. He followed this up with “The Fight: A Secret Service Agent’s Inside Account of Security Failures and the Political Machine,” which was published in 2016.

In addition to his writing career, Bongino also has a successful podcast called “The Dan Bongino Net Worth Show.” The show covers a wide range of topics, including politics, current events, and pop culture. He also regularly speaks at events around the country.

Who is Dan Bongino Net Worth?

Dan Bongino Net Worth is an American conservative commentator, radio show host, author, and former Secret Service agent. He has worked for several presidential administrations and was a member of the presidential protection detail for both George W. Bush and Barack Obama. He has also been a candidate for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

Bongino was born in Queens, New York, on December 4, 1974, to Angelo and Marie (née Zuccaro) Bongino, both Italian Americans. He has two brothers, David and Angelo Jr., and a sister, Lisa. His father was a New York City police officer who later became a detective with the NYPD’s organized crime control bureau; his mother was a schoolteacher.

Bongino graduated from Sachem High School in 1992 and attended Lafayette College on a full academic scholarship, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science in 1996. He then studied at the University of Maryland School of Law but did not complete his Juris Doctor degree. After working as an insurance salesman and bodyguard, he joined the United States Secret Service in 1999 as part of President Bill Clinton’s protective detail. In 2006, he transferred to the Presidential Protective Division during the administration of George W. Bush

His Career Path and Achievements

Dan Bongino net worth and career path.

Dan Bongino was born in 1968 in New York City. After high school, he joined the NYPD in 1990 and served for 12 years before retiring in 2002. He then pursued a career in secret service and worked as an agent for the US Secret Service from 2006 to 2011. In 2012, he left the Secret Service to start his own private security company.

Bongino has also been involved in politics and has run for office several times. In 2013, he unsuccessfully ran for a seat in the US Senate. He then ran for Congress in 2014 and 2016 but was unsuccessful both times. In 2018, he finally won a seat in the House of Representatives representing Maryland’s 6th congressional district.

Bongino is also a popular conservative commentator and has written two best-selling books: “Life Inside the Bubble” and “The Fight”. He has also hosted a popular podcast called “The Dan Bongino Net Show” since 2015.

What Is The Estimated Value Of Dan Bongino’s Assets?

The conservative commentator and former Secret Service agent has an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2019, according to Forbes. This includes his earnings from his various jobs as well as investments and assets.

Bongino’s primary source of income is his podcast, “The Dan Bongino Net worth Show.” The show debuted in 2015 and is one of the most popular podcasts on the Conservative Review Radio Network. He also makes money from speaking engagements and book sales. In 2018, he made $1.5 million from his podcast and another $500,000 from speaking fees and book royalties.

In addition to his earnings, Bongino also has a number of assets. He owns two homes, one in Maryland and one in Florida. He also owns a condominium in Panama City Beach, Florida. His Maryland home is valued at $1.2 million and his Florida home is valued at $2 million. His condominium is valued at $500,000.

How Has He Invested His Money?

Dan Bongino Net Worth is an author and commentator who has made a number of investments over the years. He has invested in real estate, businesses, and other ventures.

Dan Bongino’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million by Forbes. This includes his earnings from his books, commentary work, investments, and other sources of income.

Here are some specifics on how Dan Bongino Net Worth has invested his money:

– Real Estate: Dan Bongino has invested in both residential and commercial real estate. He has owned properties in Maryland, Florida, and New York. His portfolio includes office buildings, retail space, and apartments.

– Businesses: Bongino has also invested in a number of businesses. He is a co-founder of EZpass MD, a provider of electronic toll collection services. He has also invested in companies involved in the security industry, IT consulting, and software development.

– Other Ventures: In addition to his direct investments, Bongino has also made money through speaking engagements and appearances on Fox News Channel.

What Have Been His Biggest Business Deals?

Dan Bongino Net Worth has been involved in a number of big business deals over the years. One of his most notable deals was when he sold his stake in Guardian Technologies International, Inc. (GTI) for $12.5 million in 2009. This was one of the largest payouts ever for a minority shareholder in a public company.

Bongino has also been involved in a number of other businesses, including real estate, restaurants, and fitness companies. He has even written a best-selling book, “Life Inside the Bubble.” In it, he details his time working as a Secret Service agent during some of the most tumultuous times in recent history.

No matter what business ventures Bongino pursues, it’s clear that he knows how to make money. His net worth is proof of that.


Dan Bongino Net Worth is a successful businessman and politician who has made quite the name for himself. His estimated net worth of $7 million dollars in 2021 is expected to reach even greater heights by 2023 as his investments, businesses, and political career all continue to grow. With this increased financial success comes an even larger influence on many different aspects of society. It will be exciting to watch how he uses his ever-growing wealth to make an impact on the world over the next couple of years!


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