Download the new Safari wallpapers for your iPhone now

Safari has some great backgrounds for your iPhone or iPad, here you can download them. In macOS, we can customize Safari in many ways, including new wallpapers. And today we bring you those wallpapers that Safari includes but adapted to your iPhone or iPad. The backgrounds have been designed by a popular wallpaper creator @ AR7. Also, Read – You can now download the new official Android 12.1 wallpaper

How to download these great wallpapers

Below these lines are the Safari-based backgrounds on macOS, but first, you must learn how to download them at the highest quality. To do this you must follow these steps:

  • Open this page in Safari or another browser.
  • On the iPhone, iPad, or Mac, click on the Download button below each background.
  • The background will open in a new Google Drive Safari tab.
  • Click upon the download arrow.
  • If the background opens, press and hold the screen and tap “Add to Photos

Once downloaded, on your iPhone or iPad you must enter Settings> Wallpaper> Select the new background and choose the downloaded background. On the Mac you must go into System Preferences> Desktop and Screensaver and choose these images. to use them on your Apple Watch, you’ll need to create a custom watch face. Also, Read – New iPad 9 and iPad Mini: Prices, Specifications, Designs & Features

Safari wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Download iPhone

Download iPad

Download iPhone

Download iPad

Download iPhone

Download iPad

The most downloaded wallpapers

In Smart Price, we have an incredible collection of wallpapers, we have collected hundreds of great wallpapers, both for iPhone and iPad, Mac or Apple Watch. And we also have the wallpapers of the latest Apple devices: Also, Read – Apple Releases iOS 15 Beta 8 And Its Final Release Is Near

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