Free Fire MP5 Fatal Snarl Incubator, Rogue Lava MP5 skin

Free Fire MP5 Fatal Snarl Incubator: The gun skins found in Free Fire are very much liked by players. A new incubator has started in the game, in which you can get Rogue Lava MP5 skin. Let’s know how to get this gun skin.

Free Fire MP5 Fatal Snarl Incubator, Rogue Lava MP5 skin

Gun skins are an integral part of the game in Free Fire. Since these skins not only change the appearance of weapons, but their abilities also expand. Garena keeps adding skins to this battle royale game from time to time. The incubator is one of the ways in the game to acquire gun skins and custom bundles. There is a new incubator in the game today – MP5 Fatal Snarl – Couple Cow. It comes with four exclusive skins, including Rogue Lava.

How To Get Rogue Lava MP5 Skin In Free Fire

As already mentioned that the new incubator is starting today. In this event, players can redeem gun skins by spinning them and collecting a certain number of Blueprint: Fatal Snarl and Evolution Stone tokens. Players have to spend 40 diamonds for every spin and they can do 5 spins for 180 diamonds. Let’s know what players will have to collect for each gun skin in Fatal Snarl Incubator.

  • Players need to collect 3x Blueprint: Fatal Snarl + 7x Evolution Stones for MP5 Rogue Lava.
  • Players can exchange MP5 Frozen Lava for 2x Blueprint: Fatal Snarl + 5x Evolution Stones.
  • Players can exchange MP5 Meta Lava for 2x Blueprint: Fatal Snarl + 4x Evolution Stones.
  • MP5 Jungle Lava can be exchanged for 1x Blueprint: Fatal Snarl + 3x Evolution Stones.

How to access the incubator and claim gun skin

First of all, players have to open the Free Fire game on their devices. Here they have to tap on the Luck Royale option seen on the left side of the screen.

In the next step, users will have to select the incubator tab and select the skin according to the need.

Once the users have the required number of tokens, they have to click on the enter option, where they can redeem the skin.

From here the players can select the Rogue Lava MP5 skin and then they have to click on the exchange option, which will make this gun skin theirs.

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