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Google estimates that about 2 billion Chrome users could be hacked

The company warns Google Chrome users. The company points to a security threat. The warning is for operating systems that use Chrome, such as Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. Google has revealed in its official blog post about the possible flaws in these.

Google estimates that about 2 billion Chrome users could be hacked. Google has confirmed in a blog post that it has discovered a new ‘zero-day hacking’ in Chrome. Zero Day Hack is where hackers exploit the flaws before developers get a chance to fix the hacking. This leads to more danger.

According to Google Chrome statistics for 2021, 2.65 billion users worldwide use Google Chrome as their primary browser. With such an extensive user base, the potential for serious security threats is growing by the day.

The hacking was discovered by Google employees. To protect users from hacking, Google currently manages error information. This can cause users to buy time and limit deployment.

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