Google releases Chrome update for Android with new design and other tweaks

Google Chrome can rightfully be considered the main browser on the Internet. Every day it is opened by a huge number of users around the world. More recently, the release of the new 94 version of the popular application from Google took place, and now updates will be released a little differently. If earlier they came out every six weeks, now this period will be reduced to four. Thus, users will be able to enjoy new features more often, and surfing the net will become even faster and safer. There have been a lot of changes, so it promises to be interesting.

New Google Chrome design

The new Chrome has become even more beautiful and, it seems, is now fully adapted to the new version of the Android 12 operating system, which was previously described by the author of iSmartPrice, Mehran Khan. The new design of the application will try to adapt as much as possible to a specific device and adapt to your default wallpaper.

Finally, technology has reached a level that will provide complete personalization. In fact, now the same Google Chrome app can look completely different on two devices. The changes affected the address bar, the page of a specific tab, and switching between them.

Improved tab groups in Chrome

The second major change is in the tab groups. Foreign sources claim that many users took them with hostility and asked to completely abandon such innovations. In defense of Google, I can say that they were not the only ones who started introducing this feature; in the new iOS 15 from Apple, this technology is also present.

It’s not for me to judge whether this is good or bad, but I don’t plan to use groups of tabs. It’s hard to imagine how this can be used in real life. Do groups of tabs based on occupation? In my use case, it usually boils down to just reopening everything.

Google understands everything, and now instead of the usual “Open in a new tab” it offers “Open in a new group tab”. Let’s see if Google can change the usual way? Time will show.

Google Chrome security

Another innovation is the changed security settings inside the browser. With this innovation, all HTTP connections are automatically downloaded to the more secure HTTPS standard. And if the site does not support it, it displays a notification that warns that the connection is unsafe and urges not to visit this resource. Although this can still be done. Just go to the Learn more section.

Anyone else, but for me, this is a big problem. Security is good, but when you can’t go to the university’s website to see the class schedule for tomorrow, that’s not great anymore. You can’t explain to the university administration that Google Chrome has recently been updated. Previously, at such moments, Google rescued.

The company is also working on the notorious lock icon in the address bar, which many users perceive as a guarantor of the safety and reliability of the resource, although this means something completely different.

How Google is tracking users

In the desktop version of Google Chrome, a function has appeared that will control the simple user’s computer. This will be done by controlling the lack of interaction with the keyboard or mouse, activating the screensaver, locking the screen, or switching to another desktop. If for laptops this is not so typical due to their mobility, then for stationary solutions it is very even, because many users leave the computer to work for days. It is possible that innovation will soon come to mobile devices, so this is a good reason to pay attention to third-party solutions.

The company motivates innovation with collaboration apps. Allegedly, this can interfere with other users who are waiting for their colleagues. Let me remind you that earlier Apple and Mozilla considered this function unnecessary since it will be possible to organize surveillance of users with it. Here’s how a Firefox developer put it:

I find the new downtime detection feature too tempting to invade a user’s physical privacy for third-party sites, because it can be used to record the behavior of a particular person, try to control their non-working hours (for example, lunchtime) and use it as psychological manipulation.

Improved Incognito Mode

Also in the new Chrome, they plan to rework the Incognito mode. The bottom line is that now if you pass your device into the hands of an outsider, he can easily switch to hidden tabs mode without even asking you. I confess that I also sinned like that sometimes.

In the new version, it is planned to add a security code or resort to using biometrics. And although you can activate this feature with the help of a flag, it is not yet publicly available.

Now you can download the new version of Google Chrome from this link or from the Play Store. Very soon we are waiting for the beta of the new 95 version of the browser. It is planned that it will come to the public by the end of October.

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