How much YouTube pays for 1,000 views and how much it pays for 1 million views

Let’s see how much YouTube really pays users when they reach one thousand, one hundred thousand, and one million views on their videos.

YouTube has become a fundamental source of income for many of its users, also known as “content creators” or “YouTubers”.

In this guide, you will be able to know how much YouTube pays these users when their videos exceed 1,000, 100,000, and a million visits, is it really as much as we imagine?

We already anticipate that not all content creators on this video platform receive the same amount for getting the same visits.

The amount awarded by the Google service depends on many factors, such as the language of the video, the profile of the viewer, or the viewing time.

Below, we thoroughly analyze the economic figures that move on YouTube and other important data to understand how its payment system works.

Not all YouTube users can earn money

The fame of “easy” money that surrounds YouTube leads many people to create personal channels on the platform to take advantage of this source of income. However, neither making money from YouTube is easy nor can all users do it directly.

This was decreed by the platform itself, which only allows those channels that have more than 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of viewing their videos to join the YouTube Partner Program, and that have a linked AdSense account.

Not all countries or regions have this YouTube monetization program available, so if you want to earn money, it will depend on the location where you live.

By being part of this program, you will be able to earn money through the ads that accompany your videos, the monthly payments of the channel members, the merchandising sales, the income from YouTube Premium and the Super Chats, es that is, what your subscribers pay to highlight their messages in chats.

The data that interests you as a content creator is the CPM or “Cost Per Thousand”, that is, the cost per thousand impressions established by advertisers.

This figure, which varies depending on the channel, will be key to knowing how much you are going to earn by publishing videos on YouTube. By the way, to make the first payment you must get at least 100 euros.

As we said, it depends on the channel and the content, because advertisers are not as interested in appearing in an informative video, which adds value to the viewer and is complete in form and content, then in the vlog of a “YouTuber”.

In addition, it is not the same to publish videos in Spanish as in English, the latter being a language that interests more users as it is the most widely spoken in the world by the total number of inhabitants.

With these concepts clear, we are going to see how much YouTube pays approximately to get a certain number of visits in the videos.

How much YouTube pays for 1,000 views

We start with 1,000 visits or views of a video. A “YouTuber” like Marina Mogilko on her Silicon Valley Girl channel -255,000 subscribers- can earn an average of $10.73 per thousand visits, according to Business Insider.

In addition to this channel, Mogilko has two more: Linguamarina -1.5 million subscribers, which provides it with 4 dollars for every thousand visits, and Marina Mogilko, in which the average figure per thousand visits drops to 2.71 dollars.

The main difference in this data is not the subscribers of the three Marina channels, but their content. At Silicon Valley Girl, the creator focuses on business operations and building a personal online brand, content that notably catches the attention of advertisers.

As we stated previously, the type of subscribers of the channel has an impact, and this is confirmed by the protagonist when talking about her audience:

“The people who see this content are not children or students. These are people who have already started their professional careers and want a transition in them.”

The wealth of finance videos is also reflected in the Griffin Milks channel, which can earn $34 per thousand visits. In short, we could establish that the payment for every thousand visits ranges between 2 and 34 dollars.

How much YouTube pays for 100,000 views

The economic figures grow remarkably if we talk about the 100,000 visits. As an example, we can take creator Natalie Barbu, who also spoke to Business Insider about her income on YouTube.

When she accumulated about 250,000 subscribers on her channel, this creator earned on average between 500 and 1,000 dollars for every 100,000 visits to her videos. As Barbu clarifies, it always depends on the number of ads the video carries.

Another example is Roberto Blake who, with a channel dedicated to technology, can earn between 800 and 1,500 dollars for every 100,000 visits. Better still is Ruby Asabor, who once again demonstrates the profitability of finance channels by earning on average between $ 2,200 and $ 2,500 per 100,000 visits.

As a summary, we could say that YouTube pays for every 100,000 visits a price that ranges between 500 and 2,500 dollars, as always depending on the channel, content, and other factors.

How much YouTube pays for 1 million views

A million visits is a high figure for a YouTube video, therefore its financial compensation is also high. Here’s the example of Shelby Church, whose makeup videos can earn you $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 for every million views, she told Business Insider.

We mention Marina Mogilko again to explain that her videos that exceed one million views can give her around $ 10,000. At the top of YouTube earnings, we find Kevin David, who can reach up to $ 25,000 per million views on his finance videos.

In Spain, the figures decrease notably

The language of the published videos is a key factor in generating income on YouTube. It is understood that if you make a video in English, the most widely spoken language in the world, your potential audience is greater than if you do it in Spanish or Japanese.

This is one of the keys by which the economic figures decline notably if we talk about Spain. While in the United States and the United Kingdom you can earn from 2 to 34 dollars for every thousand visits, in Spain the average is one euro.

Just as the income for the thousand visits is lower in Spain, so are those of the one hundred thousand and one million views.

Although in the Spanish country it is more difficult to earn money by publishing videos on YouTube, the key to achieving it is the same as in other territories: creating quality content that catches the attention of advertisers and knowing your target audience well, without forgetting the importance the length and viewing time of the videos.

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