How to make money with Instagram, even if you are not an influencer

Instagram has become an essential social network over the years. There are hardly any users who do not have this application installed on their smartphones, and it is a very useful tool for sharing visual content with other people. There are even some who make a living by uploading photos or videos on Instagram, although today it is not a big surprise.


We are talking about influencers, users with a high number of followers, in some cases reaching millions, who are paid by brands to advertise their products on their profiles. For example, publishing an image about a technological product, food, or clothing brand. What these users offer to companies is the power they have to get a message or element to a specific audience.

Is it possible to make money on Instagram without being an influencer?

But, is it possible to make money on Instagram without being an influencer or without having a large number of followers on your profile? The truth is that yes, and there are several options that will help your profile be better valued by companies and that you can get extra money doing what you like the most. For example, offering a clean profile with an interesting and attractive vision, added to the design change that Instagram recently applied to facilitate the use of the application.

What to do to make money on Instagram

The first thing to take into account is the approach you want to give to the profile. That is, focus on what you like and not try to touch all the branches. In addition, companies are looking for people with their own consistent style. For example, a technology brand will not consult a profile of someone who is dedicated to publishing about fashion, but, logically, will contact those who are dedicated to uploading things in that area. In addition, it is also a good way to get more followers.

Another option is to increase participation in the social network, commenting on other people’s publications or increasing hashtags, in fact, there is an app that generates hashtags for Instagram by analyzing images and that can be of great help. Above all, what is most valued is being constant when publishing and maintaining balance with the images that are uploaded. Influencers have come to gain thousands or millions of followers for their hard and constant work.

Earn money on Instagram with more followers

What is logical is that the more followers, there are the more facilities to earn money on Instagram. Focusing on it in the first place is a great start, but there are other ways to do it too. Instagram is a great platform for artists since they can make their work known in a comfortable and simple way. For this reason, many photographers and artists use this tool to sell their works, as a support for their own web pages.

Earn money on Instagram with Affiliates

Affiliates are also a good option but a little more complex to implement since Instagram can not add links in posts, although he added the famous voice memos. As in other media, affiliate links are used to get extra money. Companies pay every time someone buys a product by accessing with a specific and personalized link.

Earn money on Instagram with sponsors

Although there are platforms that help users with little reach to find brands to work with, looking for our own sponsors is also quite useful. When publishing an image of a certain product, it is good to tag the company or brand and use the correct hashtags.

The idea is to attract brands that are interested in your profile and audience. Even losing fear and sending a direct message to the said company can also be a solution to reach an agreement, although for this you will need to have a strong profile and an attractive style for brands. The good thing is that to make money on Instagram you don’t have to choose just one option, since generating profits with one method does not exclude the other.

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