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How to watch Disney+ on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac

You can watch Disney Plus series and movies on your iPhone, iPad, or almost any Apple device. We tell you how to watch Disney Plus from Spain or Latin America.

Disney Plus has been a success in Spain and several Latin American countries since March 2020. It is undoubtedly a platform that offers ideal content for fans of the Marvel universe, Star Wars, or Disney movies, among others.

If, in addition to being a Disney fan, you are an Apple fan, you should know that Disney Plus has special apps to install on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac computers.

We explain how to watch Disney+ on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

What to watch at Disney+

Before teaching you how to connect Disney+ from your Apple device, it is worth reviewing what type of content you can access from the platform. At the end of the day, you may find everything you need in others like Apple TV+. Also, Read – Check out this awesome new mechanical keyboard for Mac

Obviously, Disney Plus will be the ideal streaming service for Disney fans:

  • Pixar movies and shorts
  • Star Wars movies and related content
  • Marvel movies and related content
  • Other Disney shows and movies, including Frozen 2
  • New series, including The Mandalorian
  • Documentaries, including National Geographic content

In addition, since February, Disney+ incorporated in Spain (and the rest of Europe) the contents of Star, which are mainly movies and series from the US service Hulu such as Grey’s Anatomy or Lost. Also, Read – Apple Watch Series 7: New Design, Release Date, and Features

How much does Disney+ cost in Spain and Latin America?

The official price in Spain of the Disney+ subscription is € 8.99 per month (with a 7-day free trial ) or € 89.99 per year. This makes it somewhat more expensive than other platforms such as Apple TV+ (€ 4.99 / month), but also cheaper than other more popular such as Netflix (€ 7.99 / month) or HBO (€ 8.99 / month). Also, Read – This realistic iPhone 13 concept will blow your mind

On the other hand, these are the official prices in Latin American countries where it has already been released:

Below you can find the launch price in your country:

  • Argentina: ARS $ 385 per month / ARS $ 3,850 per year
  • Brazil: BRL $ 27.90 per month / BRL $ 279.90 per year
  • Chile: CLP $ 6,500 per month / CLP $ 64,900 per year
  • Costa Rica: US $ 5.99 a month / US $ 59.99 a year
  • Colombia: COP $ 23,900 per month / COP $ 239,900 per year
  • Ecuador: US $ 5.99 per month / US $ 59.99 per year
  • Mexico: MXN $ 159 per month / MXN $ 1,599 per year
  • Peru: PEN $ 25.90 per month / PEN $ 259.90 per year
  • Panama: US $ 5.99 a month / US $ 59.99 a year
  • Uruguay: US $ 5.99 per month / US $ 59.99 per year

On which Apple devices is Disney+ available?

Disney+ is available for the following iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS devices:

  • iPhone (with iOS 11 or later)
  • iPad (with iOS 11 or later)
  • iPod touch (with iOS 11 or later)
  • Apple TV (Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD or earlier if you use AirPlay with an iOS terminal)
  • Mac (using a web browser)

How to watch Disney Plus on Apple devices

How to subscribe to Disney Plus

  1. Go to the Disney+ website.
  2. Click on ‘Subscribe Now’.
  3. Now you will need to create a Disney account.
  4. First, enter your email and password.
  5. Then, enter the bank details of the account you want to link to your subscription.
  6. Once this is done, you should receive a confirmation email in your account.

How to watch Disney Plus on iPhone or iPad

  1. Download the Disney Plus app from the App Store. Is free.
  2. Once it has been installed, open it and enter your details to log in.
  3. Everything is ready to be able to enjoy the Disney+ catalog.

How to watch Disney Plus on Apple TV

  1. Open the App Store on your Apple TV.
  2. Find the Disney+ app and download it.
  3. Open it once the installation is complete, log in with your account, and you’re done!

This will only work if you have an Apple TV 4K, or an Apple TV HD. If you have an older Apple TV, you should use the AirPlay tool and play the content from another device such as your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open the ‘Control Center’ of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on ‘Screen Mirroring’.
  3. Choose your Apple TV and enjoy the content of your iPhone or iPad screen on your television.

How to watch Disney Plus on Mac

At the moment there is no specific application for Mac. But don’t worry. You will be able to see all the content of your subscription to the platform through the Disney+ website from any web browser that you have installed on your Mac or MacBook. Also, Read – Download the new Safari wallpapers for your iPhone now

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