Is your iPhone ready for iOS 15? Apple launches iOS beta 7

A few days ago, Apple has released iOS beta 7 for developers of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. It does so a little over a week after launching the sixth, so we can already see how the company is increasing the rate of betas when we could be a few weeks away from seeing the final launch.

Update: watchOS 8 beta 7 also released

iOS 15 could arrive in less than a month

Although Apple has not yet confirmed the launch of iOS 15 and the rest of its operating systems, beyond saying that it will be in the fall, the truth is that it is not difficult to predict what will happen. The calendar that the company usually sets for the software is clear: presentation at WWDC in June, the launch of betas during the summer months, and finally the official version in September. Also, Read – Download the new Safari wallpapers for your iPhone now

Taking into account that the long-awaited iPhone 13 will already arrive with this operating system and that these are expected for the second or third week of September, it is very likely that iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 will be released on similar dates. Of course, until then it is very likely that we will continue to see betas with which the company intends to continue polishing details of the software and correcting possible errors.

Can you already try this version on your iPhone?

Apple usually releases two types of betas: developer and public. However, it is possible to install any beta on the iPhone or iPad in a really simple way. Now, you should know that its installation is not recommended due to the instability that it can generate. In the end, these versions, however polished they are, can contain bugs of all kinds. Also, Read – WhatsApp privacy changes will finally be optional

From the inability to run some applications to unexpected reboots and even high battery consumption. It must be said that in general, these iOS 15 betas are behaving quite well, but in the end, it is all very random and even if you know cases of people with the same iPhone or iPad as yours who are not suffering problems, they can always end up appearing and getting worse your experience. If you have a device that you don’t primarily use, it may be a candidate for the beta.

In any case, if you decide to do so, we recommend previously making a backup copy and then being able to return to iOS 14 if you wish. You should also know that, if you are determined to continue with the beta and then you do not want to receive more when iOS 15 arrives, it will be enough for you to delete the beta profile from Settings when that version arrives. Also, Read – How to watch Disney+ on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac

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