More than 70 million people joined Telegram during the WhatsApp crash

Telegram added more than 70 million users during the WhatsApp crash, a record number for the messaging application.

The fall of WhatsApp on October 4 was one of the largest in the history of the company. It affected both the messaging app and the rest of Facebook services and lasted more than six hours until Facebook engineers found the cause and solved the problems.

However, not everyone was hurt by that fall. Telegram, the most popular alternative messaging app to WhatsApp, was able to take advantage of the situation, adding more than 70 million people to its user base.

The fall of Facebook causes a record of new users for Telegram

As confirmed by Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, last Monday, October 4, the messaging platform received a barrage of new users. It indicates that “Telegram’s growth rate exceeded the norm by an order of magnitude” during the hours that WhatsApp was not operational.

And, despite the fact that Telegram itself suffered a few problems during the first hours, Durov is “proud of how his team was able to manage the unprecedented growth.”

The sum of new users – or “refugees”, as Pavel Durov refers to them – exceeded 70 million, about 3.5% of WhatsApp’s total user base, estimated at 2 billion.

Growth is important for a platform that, just a few months ago, surpassed 400 million users for the first time, and that today is probably already half a billion. It is likely, yes, that a good part of the 70 million new users will not actively use the platform … at least until the next fall of WhatsApp.

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