The Squid Game: 7 best Android Squid Games

Bring the challenges of the popular series The Squid Game to the screen of your mobile with these free games.

The Squid Game, or also known as Squid Game is one of the best Netflix original series, it was produced in South Korea and the world premiere was on September 17, 2021, this series is of the drama, thriller, and action genre.

This series is considered one of the most successful so far on Netflix and all of Korea, surpassing Stranger Things and La Casa de Papel. And as expected, it is possible to get the merchandise of what you imagine inspired by the series, clearly, video games cannot be absent.

Now, do you want to know the Squid Game Android games, don’t worry. In this article, we will show you the most popular free video games similar to the Korean Netflix series. Let’s get started!

The best Squid games for Android

  1. Dalgona Challenge: Squid Game
  2. Squid Qame Quiz
  3. The Squid Game – Survival Challenge
  4. Squid Game APK
  5. Roblox Squid Game
  6. Squid Game Android
  7. Squid Game Wallpaper

Although some of the games that you will see below The Squid Game are not found in the official Google Play store for copyright reasons, you can find them in third-party stores in APK format.

Dalgona Challenge: Squid Game

The Squid Game is full of quite interesting challenges, and one of the most difficult is the Dalgona. The mobile game consists of removing the edges of a geometric figure embodied in a sugar cookie, in this case, you will have the help of a needle and the possibility of licking the figure to speed up the process.

The game has traditional figures such as the triangle, circle, star, and umbrella, however, the game has added other figures to make it more interesting. In turn, you will have a countdown timer and you must do it before the time ends.

Google Play | Dalgona Challenge: Squid Game

Squid Qame Quiz

If you have had the joy of watching Squid Game , then this game is perfect for you. He himself tries to correctly answer questions regarding the series. The questions in question are quite easy, such as How many people participate in the Squid Game?

By answering correctly you will earn coins, you will have the option of asking a friend or requesting a persuasion, which will help you choose the correct answer. One of the negative points of the game is that all the questions are in English.

Google Play | Squid Qame Quiz

The Squid Game – Survival Challenge

If you want to experience the Squid Game series on Android, then check out The Squid Game – Survival Challenge is the one. This game features all the challenges seen in the series, from “Let’s play … move green light” to extra games like incinerate the losers.

The characters in the video game have a very friendly appearance and the game mechanics are very simple, you can perform any of the challenges as many times as you want.

Google Play | The Squid Game – Survival Challenge

Squid Game APK

One of the Android games most similar to The Squid Game, without a doubt it is Squid Game APK, it clearly presents all the challenges seen in the series, however, the developers went a bit more and gave the players a similar look to the series.

You will be able to wear the classic green uniform and you will be able to appreciate the guards with their iconic red uniform. The gameplay is quite similar to the previous games, you will have a countdown counter and also meet the challenge before time runs out.

Squid Game APK

Roblox Squid Game

The first adaptations to be seen of the hit series The Squid Game was on Roblox. And no wonder, this popular video game has thousands of servers, each with a different theme and style of play.

You can experience in the third person and online each of the challenges of The Squid Game, obviously you can download Roblox on your Android for free, after this, you must create an account and finally type in the search engine “Squid Game”.

This will make it display an extensive list of servers with the theme of the series, you just have to choose one and start playing. Without a doubt, Roblox is one of the most popular games to get minigames alluding to the popular Korean series. It is played online and you can communicate with the players through chat.

Google Play | Roblox Squid Game

Squid Game Android

Another of the Squid Game Android games to consider is Squid Game Android, it has a great similarity to the challenges of the original series, but with some modifications. One of the most outstanding is the players’ clothing since the uniform is blue.

Unfortunately for now the game has only one challenge “Red light, green light”, however it has certain quite interesting additions such as obstacles, objects to increase speed, and much more.

Squid Game Android

Squid Game Wallpaper

Squid Game Wallpaper is not a video game but rather an amazing app. So if you are a follower of the series, it has a wide range of wallpapers of the best quality . You can have on your mobile the main characters with an animated style to the villains of the series and other characters.

Google Play | Squid Game Wallpaper

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