These 7 games are free for a limited time

These 7 paid games for Android are worth every euro they cost and now you can get them totally free. If you are tired of killing enemies in Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG Mobile, of capturing Pikachus in Pokémon GO, or of getting skins in Fortnite, it may be time to update your game catalog with new titles.

7 games are free for a limited time

In the Google Play Store, there are a large number of games to choose from, but if you want to discover new titles without spending a single euro, you have two options: the first of them is to consult our list of the 56 best free games for Android of 2021 because Surely you will find a game that you have not tried yet and that will surely make you have a good time and the second is to take advantage of the discounts in the Google application store and get authentic paid games that are totally free for the next few hours.

Download premium games Free

On this occasion, the Play Store offers us 7 premium games, which we can get without paying a penny, among which we can find two strategy games with very good ratings in the application store of the American company such as Empire Warriors TD and Castle Defender, a very entertaining action game like Knight War: Idle Defense Pro and even a perfect title to exercise our mind like Sudoku Ultimate.

But remember that these sales will only be available for a limited time and most likely, if you do not hurry, you will lose the opportunity to get these magnificent paid games without having to pay anything for them.

Free Android paid games

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