These are the first 9 Xiaomi Phones that will update to MIUI 12.5 Enhanced Global

Xiaomi is going to update its mobile sold globally to Miui 12.5 Enhanced, and we already know which will be the first models to receive the update.

Xiaomi has finally confirmed what many were waiting for: the improved version of Miui 12.5 will finally reach global models, and owners of some of the company’s latest models will not have to wait too long until they can enjoy Miui 12.5 Enhanced.

This has been confirmed by the brand itself in its official forum, where it has ensured that Miui 12.5 Enhanced is on its way to Miui users globally and that its improvements will soon be available to a greater number of people.

The update will arrive from the fourth quarter of the year

Miui 12.5 Enhanced does not introduce major functional changes or new features in the user interface. Instead, the update focuses on improving performance, reducing energy consumption, and strengthening system security, through different measures implemented by Xiaomi for those purposes.

For a few days, it was already possible to install the update manually on some models, but very soon that will no longer be necessary, since the company has confirmed that the update will arrive from the fourth quarter of the year, starting with these nine models :

Once the distribution of the update to the first models is finished, Xiaomi will continue to update older ones or their lower lines.

As for the news of Miui 12.5 Enhanced that will reach Xiaomi models globally, they are the following:

  • “Liquid” storage: a system developed by Xiaomi that optimizes file storage management, maintaining high read and write speeds for a longer period of time.
  • Atomic memory: a refined RAM memory management mechanism, capable of improving the preservation of apps open in the background by up to 64%.
  • Focus Calculation: processor scheduling management mechanism. It allows you to reduce the load on the GPU and save battery by managing CPU resources more efficiently.
  • Smart Balance: intelligently allocates device hardware resources to improve the balance between performance and energy savings.

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