This realistic iPhone 13 concept will blow your mind

It is no secret to anyone that the iPhone 12 has been a bestseller. In fact, iPhone 12 sales exceed those of the iPhone 11 a year ago. However, every time the launch of a new iPhone approaches rumors and speculation about what the new product will make all Apple users excited. That is why today we bring you this realistic concept of the iPhone 13 that will leave you with your mouth open.

If we talk about Apple rumors, you can take a look at the 4 colors in which the iPhone 13 Pro could arrive. It is important to note that the most popular rumor every time an iPhone is about to hit the market is its design. Will it have a notch, what will the cameras be like, etc.?

The incredible concept of the possible iPhone 13 without a notch

The YouTube channel ” #iOS beta news ” uploaded a video showing a concept of what the new iPhone 13 could be. In this, you can see what a screen without a notch would be. This would mean greater use of the screen. In fact, yesterday we told you about how Face ID could reach Macs in a couple of years. This is important because it is closely related to the possible removal of the notch by a camera on the iPhone screen.

Beyond the rumors, the fact that a notch-less iPhone that takes full advantage of its screen is being considered is quite important. Why? Because it is a reality that since the iPhone X came out in 2017, the front of the later iPhones has been practically the same. The reason for this is that in the notch are all the advanced sensors that allow Face ID to work properly.

iPhone 13 concept facial recognition

But what about Android phones that have a camera on the screen and also have facial recognition? It is a fact that the facial recognition system of the iPhone is superior to that of any Android mobile. This also goes hand in hand with the fact that these mobiles have the perforated screen design to locate the camera (the currently fashionable design). Since having less space for the camera reduces the ability of facial recognition, this is why Apple, in theory, continues to bet on the notch.

Apple is also rumored to be testing an advanced in-display fingerprint sensor. This would work in such a way that the user could touch the screen anywhere in the lower half to unlock the mobile, which would mean the return of Touch ID. Although the expectation creates as time passes, we will have to wait until a new official announcement from Apple to learn more about the mobile.

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