Tinder doesn’t work: the dating app goes down in the middle of the world

You are not alone: ​​Tinder has stopped working in several countries of the world due to a crash. Tinder suffers a crash that is affecting users in various parts of the world. The famous dating app has recently stopped working, preventing users from accessing their profiles.

Spain seems to be one of the countries most affected by the fall, as a good handful of users residing in Spain are reporting failures through platforms such as DownDetector.

Likewise, the hashtag #TinderDown has started to gain traction on platforms such as Twitter, where many users from various parts of the world are reporting on the fall of Tinder.

At the moment, Tinder has not commented on the problems, and the cause is unknown. However, it is very likely that the company is already aware of the solution, and that its workers are trying to find a solution to the problems. We will update this article as soon as we have news. In the meantime, it may be a good idea to switch – even temporarily – to one of the many Tinder alternatives out there.

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