Where to find bees in Minecraft and how to extract honey, sweet delicacy?

The bees in Minecraft are cute, abnormally large, and dangerous if they are treated carelessly. They are considered neutral creatures, well, but apart from attacking you if you attack them, when they bite you they lose their stinger and die — oops! In other words, as in real life, bees must be protected and cared for.

Let’s see, but you are not going to stay all your life looking at them and being careful with them, because they are an inexhaustible source of honey, delicious and sweet honey. All they need is sun, calm, and flowers to pollinate, of course. But do you know where to find them? How to take care of them, extract the honey? Then you are in the right place. Keep reading, bzz!

Where to find bees in Minecraft?

These critters are easily found in flowery forests and grasslands. Bees always appear close to their hives, which can accumulate up to five “levels” of honey and are used as a method of communication between them.

As in real life, the smoke calms them down, so if you place a fire near the hive, you can access the honey and combs without problems. If you want to move a hive, you have to make sure you have a touch of silk; otherwise, you will break it.

How to tame a bee?

Technically you cannot tame them, but you can attract them with flowers and, when you have two bees on hand, make them reproduce by giving them those flowers directly. Another option to attract them, by the way, is to use a bow. Always be careful, because the first peck can be fatal, and it is always poisonous anyway.

It is a very good idea to have hives close to crops because they help to fertilize them with their passage and they do not charge anything to do so.

What to do to collect honey?

Whenever you see a hive overflowing with honey, it’s your time to come up with an empty bottle to fill it up. These bottles allow you to create sugar, your own artificial hive, or honey blocks. Then there are the combs, which are obtained using scissors on the complete combs.

A hive will fill up when the bees can move around and work on their little flowers without hassle or fright. The best way to know if a hive is complete is to wait for those drops of honey to appear.

How to make a beehive in Minecraft?

The method is very simple: collect six boards of whatever wood and three combs. Then, place everything by making a honeycomb sandwich and you have it. The only thing you need is to get bees to come to populate your new artificial hive.

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