Where to find original sources for your Fortnite nickname

Have you ever been playing Fortnite and noticed that there are players with cool names? Now is when you want one too, right? The problem is that you have to know how to enter fonts in Fortnite. For that, you are here because we are going to teach you during this article to introduce different sources in the video game so that you are the player with the most original and top Fortnite nickname. We teach you to introduce those sources, creativity is already up to you and your head but it may be easy for you if you are inspired by examples you have seen.

It is clear that what you achieve by making your name stand out is just that, being the coolest in the game. You can put almost what you want with the trick that we are going to teach you from the Epic website. In fact, this technique is completely legal and as far as we know it is used by hundreds or thousands of players since it does not violate any Epic rules in the video game. That is why the use of different characters in game is becoming so widespread that they make all the names cooler. Of course, keep in mind that during the game they can recognize you easier than the other players. But if you become a killer, you will also be remembered and recognized in all the games you enter.

If you do not know the video game, just tell you that Fortnite has triumphed like no other video game in recent years. It is based on a 100 player map in which you have to survive by building and having some aim as you can see in the photographs that we leave you for the article. If you are the last to stand, you will win the game. Therefore, a video game like this that is so successful requires customization, and people look for ways to do it. That is what we are going to explain to you in the following lines!

How to change fonts in Fortnite to have a different nickname

By now you must be wanting to know how to change fonts in Fortnite to have the best nick on the map. Well, we are not going to make you wait any longer. So in summary you have to know that your nickname will be able to include any name that comes to mind, you can also put faces or emotes and quite rare symbols. You can change absolutely everything from the nickname you currently have. And just tell you that to achieve this, you will have to follow a few steps, but nothing special. You will only have to go through a web page that we will give you in this article and follow the following steps.

Ah, yes, as an extra piece of information, you also have to tell yourself although you already know that the game is multiplatform, that is, your nickname will also look like this on consoles, such as Xbox One. Do not think that you are changing your name alone for PC because it is not like that. Now, let’s get down to business. Prepare your personal data or we hope you have them memorized to enter your personal Epic Games account and specifically in the Fortnite section.

Use Nickfinder to change your nickname in Fortnite

In order to change your name, you will have to start by entering the website called Nickfinder. Now that you are inside you will have to see how we show you in the image a lot of options, you will only have to download on the website itself and find an option called “some popular pages” that is, “some known pages” and once locate and enter you will have to find the name of the video game to click on it, as is obvious.

Once you do this and click, you will see that a window will open for you. At this point, you will be able to select all the emotes and symbols that you want to add to your Fortnite nickname. Once you have done it, click on the name with your mouse and it will be copied automatically. Don’t worry, right now if you do control + v you should be able to paste that nickname you have chosen anywhere you can paste the text. Let’s go to the next step, which will be to paste it where you should.

Now you will have to go to your Fortnite account in Epic Games and once you have entered, go to the information or personal data section of your Epic profile. In this section, you will be able to modify your Epic nickname which is the one you currently have in Fortnite and you want to change. Now only copy what you have on the clipboard since you clicked on the name that you have created from Nickfinder and save the information. In this way, you can add the sources in Fortnite that you want without any limitation to be able to modify your nickname without any problem.

Make sure that you have hit the confirm button once you have pasted the nickname you have chosen. Otherwise, if you proceed to exit that menu of personal information without confirming, you will continue to have the same nickname that you had in your previous game and you will have to repeat the process within Epic and Nickfinder.

In Nickfinder you will be able to find many alternatives, so we recommend that before deciding and writing the first symbols you catch, you spend a good time taking a look at the website. You will find different characteristics that will make you be the coolest of that 100 vs 100. In fact, we guarantee that if you don’t tell any of this and you wait, your friends will ask you to pass this article on to them. Because everyone wants to change the sources in Fortnite but very few know how to do it and now, you are one or one of the chosen ones.

We hope you have enjoyed the article and that above all, you have learned how to change your nickname font in Fortnite. At least we end the article knowing that a person leaves here having the top nickname of hundreds and hundreds of games.

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