Windows 11 already has a release date, but with fewer features

Finally, the rumors have been fulfilled, and Windows 11 was really mature enough to launch. Some leakers spoke of the last two weeks of October for the launch of Windows 11, but Microsoft has given the surprise by announcing the date well before it.

It will be next October 5 when we can download and install Windows 11 on our computers. On the same day, Windows 10 computers that are compatible with Windows 11 will begin to receive the option to upgrade to Windows 11 for free through Windows Update. It will also be possible to update manually with the Upgrade Tool or the Media Creation Tool, even creating an ISO image to perform a clean installation, which will be mandatory if our hardware does not have TPM or does not meet the minimum requirements required by the company.

It will start to arrive in Windows Update and as an ISO

Being among the first to update always entails its risks when it comes to a biannual update like those that Microsoft normally launches for Windows 10, and moving from one version of the operating system to another carries even more risks since we can find many problems compatibility with programs and drivers that are not adapted to the new system.

Therefore, it is best to wait before installing Windows 11 on our computers and make sure that the programs we use daily are updated to be compatible. We can also install Windows 11 with a dual boot or on another storage unit to make sure we can revert to the previous version if there are any problems. Windows 11 itself will leave us room to return to Windows 10 if we need it.

Windows will launch the update to compatible computers and that they have the total certainty that they will not have compatibility problems. All supported devices will receive the update through Windows Update before mid-2022. Users will be able to check if the update is available through Windows Update manually.

What’s new in Windows 11?

Among the great innovations of Windows 11 we find:

  • New, more modern, clean, simple, and visually pleasing design, in addition to being faster when opening and closing Windows
  • New start menu and new taskbar located in the center
  • More comfortable multitasking with Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desks
  • Microsoft Teams integrated into the taskbar
  • Widgets personalizable
  • Gaming enhancements such as DirectX12 Ultimate, DirectStorage, and Auto HDR
  • New Microsoft Store with new design, Android apps, and x86-64 apps.
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Performance improvements for hybrid processors
  • Android apps on Windows 11 will have to wait

In recent weeks, Microsoft has been adding some of the new features promised to Windows 11, such as the new design of Paint, improvements in the dark theme, and a long etcetera. However, one of the promised ones, which was native compatibility with Android applications, had not made an appearance. Now we know why.

And it is that Windows 11 is not going to integrateĀ native compatibility with Android appsĀ at launch, and we will have to wait a few more months to enjoy this novelty, having to wait at least until 2022 with all security.

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