Xiaomi 12 coming with a triple 50 MP camera & a most curious design

A new week and, of course, new rumors about the future Xiaomi 12. And it is that much has been said about this device that, if all the rumors that have arisen around it are true, it will arrive next December. Also, Read – How to send high quality images on WhatsApp?

But this time the leaks that come to us from China are very different since, apparently, Xiaomi is working on news in relation to its rear cameras. The first of them shows us what its final design will be like, with a very strange camera module with an “M” design, while the second point to a significant improvement in quality, incorporating a 50-megapixel triple sensor.

A never before seen design that could hide brilliant quality

Starting with the first of these leaks, we see how images come to us from China of the possible final design that the new Xiaomi 12 could adopt, with a camera module that undoubtedly escapes what we are used to. Also, Read – List of Xiaomi phones that already receiving Android 12 Update

It has an “M” shaped design, with the main camera located in the center and surrounded by the rest of the sensors that would be placed at both ends. In principle, rumors suggested that the sensor that we found in the center would have a resolution of 200 megapixels, but apparently, that is not entirely clear given the latest leak from China. Also, Read – Top 5 Cheats for Township Video Game.

As they tell us from Sparrownews, Xiaomi would be testing a configuration with a triple rear sensor in which we find an identical resolution in all of them. This configuration will be composed of three cameras with a resolution of 50 megapixels, an angular sensor, another wide-angle sensor, and a telephoto that could reach 5x optical.

With this configuration, Xiaomi would be forced to present a rear camera module with a size substantially larger than what we have in the current generation of Xiaomi Mi 11, so the Asian firm would be in a period of different prototypes to finally decide which one. it will be the final design of the device. Also, Read – Google Pixel 6 Pro Full Features Leaked: 12GB RAM, Design, Camera, & More

At the moment, all the information is far from confirmed by Xiaomi itself, so we do not know what the final configuration will be adopted by the next Xiaomi 12. What is clear is that Xiaomi will choose to give capital importance to photography, an aspect that will not be overshadowed by its possible screen with LTPO technology and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 processor. Also, Read – Xiaomi works on a mobile that changes color

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