Xiaomi works on a mobile that changes color

Electrochromic technology will give Xiaomi’s future mobile the ability to change color. This is all we know. A famous Chinese leaker assures that Xiaomi is developing a smartphone with electrochromic technology. This technology, already used by other firms such as Vivo or OnePlus, would allow Xiaomi’s new terminal to dynamically change the color of its back.

The first production model launched on the market with this technology was the Vivo S10, a device capable of varying the color of its back based on the way sunlight falls on it. According to the source, Xiaomi will use a similar system in its next smartphone.

Color changing mobiles have been in development for years

The information shared by the source states that Xiaomi is already in the testing phase, and it is possible that the device in question will arrive in the coming months.

The terminal is expected to use photochromic or electrochromic technology, allowing both the opacity and the color of the device glass to change dynamically and almost instantly, depending on the voltage transmitted to the glass. In the video below these lines, you can take a look at this technology in more detail:

For now, not much else is known about this mysterious device. It is not clear when its arrival is expected if Xiaomi does not decide to finally cancel its development. In any case, if it becomes a reality, it will probably do so as an exclusive model for China at first, before making the leap to the rest of the world.

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