You can now change car tires with bitcoin in Argentina

La Esquina del Neumático has 11 branches and an online store. They all accept bitcoin. The automotive and real estate sectors are the ones that are making the most progress in the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the country.

Change car tires with bitcoin in Argentina

As of Wednesday, September 8, customers of the La Esquina del Neumático chain can pay for their purchases in cryptocurrencies. This measure is part of a campaign by the company called “Pay as you want” and will include both bitcoin (BTC) and another 350 cryptocurrencies.

According to the company’s official statement, the new payment method will be available in the 11 branches it has in the city of Buenos Aires and in other locations in the province of the same name. Likewise, you can pay with this means in your online store.

Binance exchange

Operations with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency will be done through the Binance exchange. The goods and services traded will be priced in pesos and then the conversion will be made to the value of the corresponding cryptocurrency. Finally, once the transaction is confirmed, “it will be executed as a traditional purchase or sale,” the letter states.

La Esquina del Neumático

La Esquina del Neumático also sells accessories and tires, in addition to providing different general services for vehicles such as lubrication, alignment, and balance, among others. By adopting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, the firm seeks to “provide an excellent service, innovate and be at the forefront.”

Created in 1995, the company has branches in Warnes, Saavedra, San Isidro, Martínez, Olivos, Vicente López, Palermo, La Lucila, Nordelta, Castelar and Ramos Mejía.

The growing adoption of bitcoin as a means of payment in Argentina

As well as La Esquina del Neumático, other businesses are leaning towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Argentina. For example, the Grupo Dietrich car dealership recently made its first sale of a 0 kilometer car partially paid for with bitcoin.

The possibilities even extend to other goods. Without going any further, the Mercado Libre e-commerce platform has allocated space on its website to properties that can be paid for with cryptocurrencies, and the Cryptoavisos portal also offers this alternative, as reported by Smart Price.

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